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Web Map - Problems signing in through Steam


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I am running a locally hosted game on the latest Ubuntu server image. I've been using web maps successfully for quite some time but I took a break from playing for a few months. Now when I browse to the web map, it loads fine, but when I log in through steam, it returns a screen which states:


Login failed, click to return to main page.


I am sure that I am entering in my correct steam credentials and I have tried logging in using both my local IP as well as my public IP, which I have correctly forwarded to the web map IP & port on my router. I've tried using multiple game instances (ones that worked correctly previously as well as new seeds). I have triple checked web permissions and they seem fine. When I look at my output log, I am seeing the following errors:


2018-05-14T11:05:27 2961.622 WRN Steam OpenID login result did not give a valid SteamID

2018-05-14T11:05:27 2961.623 INF Steam OpenID login failed from XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:53012


(XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is in place of my local IP address)


When I log in using the internal IP, that IP is referenced in the error. When I log in using my external IP, the gateway (router) IP is referenced.


Any ideas? I'm wracking my brain here.

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