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As I'm sure many of you know the moderators at the Steam forums are enforcing the rules of that forum. It is always a tough time for rule breakers when a crackdown occurs and those who are used to being able to post in a certain style all of a sudden can't do it any longer. This forum is not the place to rally against those moderators or even to discuss what is happening at some other forum. This forum is for discussing the game. Period.


We are happy to have any banned members of the Steam forum join our forum as long as they contribute to our community and follow the rules. Come and talk about the game, speculations of A17, fun mods you have tried, and get news of the next update as it is posted.


I know some of you are upset and probably feel you were banned unfairly but we will not allow this forum to be used as a staging ground for some useless fight against the steam forums. Continuing to name and shame moderators of the Steam forum, accuse the developers of deception, and filling every nook and cranny of this corner of the internet with your salt will just result in you needing to find a third forum to vent...

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