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Who Wants to Stream on YouTube with ME??


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My name is Jon and I go by Emponeway or Emp. I have a YouTube channel called Got Next Gaming. I am looking to do more Live Streaming but I wanted to do this with a partner on PS4. I have just over 1K subs and I am looking to grow the channel more by being a little more interactive with the community.


I have a world that I have been working on using the AllOurDestiny seed and is Multiplayer.


I would invite others to play from time to time.


I am looking for someone who truly loves the game, is honest and trustworthy that has a love for building and just having fun.

I am looking for a good fit. Alot of people I have played with before are in a different timezone and usually are on way later than I can invest.


I live in the eastern United States and would look to Stream once a week on Tuesday nights at about 9PM EST.


respond to this post or email me at [email protected]


Thank You and Keep Surviving!!

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Unfortunately I work Tuesday nights, otherwise I would've been intrigued.


But coincidentally, that's the seed I used for my random gen world this time around. Only disappointment was the lack of a snow biome outside of the strip to the west of the Main hub, I wanted to finally build a base in one for the fun of it.

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Hi Jysen, I have a map that I created called Falcon that has a huge snow biome in the northwest area of the map. It has 2 cities in the snow biome.


This seed has a total of 12 cities, 11 traders, 3 crossroads and 6 military installations, (3 camp and 3 base)


It is a really good seed overall.

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