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    I am a YouTuber and have been adding alot of 7 Days to Die Videos for the PS4. I ahve future plans to start up on the MacOS as well. Come check out my channel. Got Next Gaming
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    Connecticut, USA
  1. Steam name: Gotnextgaming Hours played: 389 on Mac (1000+ Console) just to state my familiarity with the game Started on Alpha: 15 (patch 10 console) Discord name: Emponeway Native language:English Operating system : MacOS 10.14.6 (can play on Windows as well).
  2. This is good news and as an avid player on console I will continue to support the fun pimps in any way. I woud be willing to lose my saved games for a worth while update. I would even be willing to pay for an updated version as well. 7 days to die is by far the best craft building survival game of all time and I have played them all. Looking forward to what the future brings.
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