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About climbing zombies on the stairs


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What if you make sure that zombies can not climb stairs, but they can stand on top of each other, thus getting to the top of the goal.


♥♥♥Or else there is a more complicated idea, I myself can not fully imagine it myself, but I can push it: in all the houses where there is a mountain (which one can naturally climb up the stairs), make an ascent to it slightly at an angle (as in old houses, where the ladder could be pushed).


♥♥♥I just want the game to be more logical. You can generally make a plot of the game. Do not focus on "defense" of attacks from zombies, where they crash, break, etc., but something peculiar (for example, conflicts between people, the struggle for food). In cities, make a huge amount of zombies (just the number of zombies does not match the number of houses in cities). That 1/3 of infected could run in the afternoon, or that they would sit (slept, rested = D) not only in houses, but also on the street (near garbage cans, lanterns, just on sidewalks)

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