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Tribute map in CS, need textures from 7dtd.


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I want to create a tribute map in Counter-Strike (Kreedz kz climbing) and instead

of using random textures I would love to use the real ones to make it look as

good and as close to the game that is possible. I am clueless on how to get the

textures from 7 days however, and was hoping someone could help me with this.

Perhaps someone already has the textures ripped?


The tribute map would be buildings from 7 Days to climb etc. If I just had the textures

this could be made to look perfect.


Also, I'm not a modeller but if it is possible to get some of the simpler models (like

forge, candle, workbench etc) into the map it would be most helpful.


I'm very thankful for any help on this matter =)

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Heh. I did dust in a15.




...the easiest way for you to bring in New textures is to use uabe to extract the texture atlas, then overwrite the textures you know you won't use with new ones, then import that new atlas back into the game.


No no...the other way around :smile-new:


I want to create a map in CS 1.6 with the textures from 7 Days.


So I need to get all the textures out from 7 Days to bitmaps or something I can convert to CS.

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Oh, even easier, just extract the atlas from blocktextureatlas in uabe. The texture you want is ta_opaque


Took me some time to understand and do that, but I think I get it now.

I got the textures as one big texture though, and it seems tricky to cut out

the ones I need and make them seamless textures. But at least this is where

they are!


If there's a better way to get them, like as individual images then please enlighten me.

Ripping those I want this way will keep me busy for some time.


Thanks a lot for your help though, appreciated!

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Nope, that's it I'm afraid.


Watch those corners, the images have "sides". 1024x1024, but it'll look like 1052x1052 or something weird.


Good luck and have fun. =)


- - - Updated - - -


Gimp let's you move the corners of the selection box... I found that helpful when I was replacing them.

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