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Telnet console commands interrupted


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I'm not sure if this is maybe an enhancement request or something that I just don't know how to fix.


I have noticed that during a telnet session to the dedicated server (Alpha 16.4 on Linux) that the console messages interrupt a command that is being typed. For example:


gett2018-04-22T11:13:07 403337.965 INF Time: 6721.03m FPS: 20.40 Heap: 788.1MB Max: 788.1MB Chunks: 361 CGO: 18 Ply: 1 Zom: 1 Ent: 2 (2) Items: 0 CO: 1 RSS: 1360.6MB


2018-04-22T11:13:12 403342.041 INF Executing command 'gettime' by Telnet from

Day 24, 05:51


The 'gettime' command in bold above is interruped by the console message.


I know that Cisco IOS will behave like this also unless the line being used for the session is configured with "logging synchronous". Is there something similar for the dedicated server (a setting, workaround, etc.)? Have any other server admins experienced this?

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Seen it lots. Never really cared much about it. Command still works when you hit enter.


There probably should be an option to limit the spam when you're connected to a telnet session, like the newly released feature to trim the output logs data. It's one of those things that you really don't focus on much unless you're sitting there staring at the telnet console and typing long commands. Which is a 1%'er. Overall, it's a pretty small issue.

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