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Transmission Towers/Electricity Pylons

Garit Jax

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One thing i would like to see in the game in-between cities/towns at some point would be Transmission towers/Power towers or Electricity Pylons as they are called in the UK.


These things are just about everywhere in the real world and seeing the odd one dotted around i think would be cool.

I think it would add to the feel and look of the world and make it look yet more destroyed and decaying.

Let's say 2 models, 1 fully in-tacked with the cables just hanging down and 1 cut in half with the top half on it's side and on the ground near the base.


Thinking about it TFPs could also (if they wanted to) add them as a way of finding the next town/city or just have them as a way to climb up to get a better view of the land.

And maybe even a way to get some needed scrap iron. I can see me climbing up to get the lay of the land only to look down and see 6 zombies at the base now trying to knock it down. LOL


Anyway i think they would look really cool up on the horizon with the sun going down.

Post below with any addon idea's. ;)

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I think a broadcasting or cell tower might make more sense and be basically the same thing.


Most of the transmission towers I see are placed in a straight line and pretty numerous so it would be a lot of problems with spawning them in a logical way, and with the current system of dirt roads leading to each poi that can get crazy.


A cell tower is more stand alone and is kinda the same thing. It can have electrical components up top, and there perhaps could even be a little shack on ground next to it with lockers, working stiff crate, etc.

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Honestly, this sounds pretty nice. It's one of those things that you don't realize you need until somebody mentions it.


Yea i know, like i said these things are all over the place IRL. It would be great if there was broken up lines of these running from city to city, you could find one... look at the way they are facing and follow them to a city but i think putting in to many would be over the top so adding 1 or 2 of them from city to city would do me.

Loads of movies where the world has fallen apart have these dotted around and i think it just shows more of the decay of the world.


Plus if we ever get Ziplines in-game at some point (And yes i know they have been dropped by TFPs) we could all make cable cars !!!! :)

I would love to see Ziplines make it into the game so maybe they could be modded in after Gold.

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