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Could someone add me an item xml for a pair please? i know ive seen them in mods lists, and do remember being able to use my sniper scope from a distance without having to use the sniper..


no hurry.. Thanks



Alpha 17 wait :(



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for example:



<item id="xxxx" name="sniperScope">
	<property name="Material" value="metal" />
	<property name="Meshfile" value="Items/Misc/parcelPrefab" />
	<property name="DropMeshfile" value="Items/Misc/sack_droppedPrefab" />
	<property name="Stacknumber" value="25"  />
	<property name="HoldType" value="35" />
	<property class="Action1"> 
		<property name="Class" value="Zoom" />
		<property name="Zoom_overlay" value="Items/Weapons/HUD/sniper_zoom_overlay" />
		<property name="Zoom_max_out" value="40" />
		<property name="Zoom_max_in" value="5" />
	<property name="Group" value="Ammo/Weapons" />

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