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PVP Server starting this weekend with the mod "Dying Lands'


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Hello, hope all is well :)


I wanted to invite you to some 7 days fun! That can hold us off til alpha 17 comes!!



! i'm joining a fresh server this weekend with the mod “dying lands”I thought it would be fun to start a new server and play on day one with some people! we have some players that want to join so it should have a fun group! You can also invite friends! it's going to be PVP and the mod makes things challenging but fun! feel free to add me and if you want to be kept updated! You can find the mod here! I recommend you play it a little before the server launches. It’s challenging but fun!




More info will be posted on this 7 days page!




You can also join our discord group N-LAN The launch will be some point this weekend! The page will have updates so check on there in the coming days! The page doesn’t have any rules so you can also share anything 7 days related on there! No “don’t post other pages” or “don’t share other servers” So enjoy and I hope to play with you soon!


Watch out for those zombie dogs!

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