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Quest using multiple weapons!


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I'm trying to make a quest, so that the player must kill multiple zombies, with different weapon each time.


For example: They must kill 5 Zombies with the hand gun, then 5 more Zombies with the hunting rifle, then 5 more with the MP5 etc...


I don't want to make different quest for each weapons, I'll prefer to use only one quest for it.


Is it doable, if so how should I code the quest?



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I think this would need to be a quest chain if you want to have 1 gun for 1 zombietype. You can have multiple holding weapons options and multiple target objectives like this:


<objective type="AnimalKill" id="animalRabbit" value="10" />

<objective type="AnimalKill" id="animalChicken" value="10" />

<objective type="ZombieKill" id="animalZombieDog" value="20" />

<requirement type="Group" id="requirementGroupArchery" value="OR">

<requirement type="Holding" id="woodenBow" />

<requirement type="Holding" id="crossbow" />


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