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RavenHearst 3.1 Rebalance + Other


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Ive made this for my own server, Ive only changed what I feel balances the Mod out a bit better based on 2.2 game play so if your wanting the Brutality of 3.1.1 leave these alone lol :p


Whats changed approx:


All major resources stack in 10k

Coins 25000

Bellows & other forge items stack in 10's

Ammo when created from Generic now stacks in 100's

Headshot damage has been balanced a little so they now count


I noticed that Genoration Distance is 15000, This I changed, No offense but the core of this game struggles from 2500 blocks & gets totally stupid past 5000, Unplayable at 9000+ so making the game spawn a map size of 15000 blocks on top of this Mod is just stupid..


Few small tweaks that probably wont be noticed so not added... Use or dont use but always remember to back up your files, Test using SP if it makes you feel better but always do a Backup..


Download Files Here:



If you wish to Genorate a Map of Pure Snow Ill include the rwgmixer.xml that I use minus my own prefabs added, Gen Size is 10k normal, There is a boundry of 500 blocks of Wasteland as a buffer so you know your close to the Rad Zone


Download File Here



Quests (For Starters)

Basic Survival 1 - Craft a Bedroll /> --> tazasStoneaxe 300 REWARD

Basic Survival 5 - Craft a Stone Pickaxe /> --> pickaxeIron 300 REWARD

Basic Survival 11 - Craft a Stone Shovel /> --> shovelSteel 300 REWARD


Download File below



Finally these files can be applied to an already running game as they only change stack sizes & damage for the most part..


Remember these are my own files based on how I feel the Mod should play out.. An example would be I dont think anyone should need to shoot a wild pig in the face with 30 .44 rounds only for the pig to then kill you lmao...

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