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WOTW buggy


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So I've been watching Kage848 and I realised the WOTW mod that I play isn't the same he plays. I don't have that Dwalls trader, and my loot isnt the same and my class quests aren't the same. I use the 7d2d mod launcher and I relaunch from that every time I play. Whats going on? Also I see buildings and when I approach they have disappeared.

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Not having that issue here. I'm using two separate installations though as the mod launcher refused to work with having my data on a separate drive.


As for your distant POI being off, that usually happens when you generated the seed before using the mod.


- - - Updated - - -


The POI issue can also happen in you're repeating a seed, but didn't fully wipe before starting the new game.


Either way, it's because the code run on the initial generation does not match the code you are using now.

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