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Power outage while playing


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Hello everyone, I'm asking if anyone has ever had this happen to then while play 7D2D.


While playing the power here at the house went out which didn't allow me to do a proper game save. Upon reloading the game I find some changes. Most notably is there is no more environment. the screen is black except for my UI and Gear. I can go into my inventory and it's still intact. The map is black the main screen is black except for is I equip a torch, then I can only see the torch. It appears that the days have gone back to day one but my quests are still where I left them.


I've tried reloading a couple of times only to get the same result. I hope someone can help me, I am on a play thru of Ravenhearst 3.0 and was doing fairly well.


Thanks in advance for any help

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You can follow this post to attempt to restore the game save. If you've loaded it a few times it may have overridden the backup though.



You should also verify the client files to ensure none got corrupted during the crash like your save did.

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