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A Wish/Suggestion/Vision of 7days to die in the Future... (maybe?)


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Imagine what it would be like if/when Gore blocks get added, Zombies were Equal to human capabilities, and Zombies would actually kill each other to get to you. A Spider scout comes into your area in the middle of the night, sniff's the air, the ground, and catches a feint whiff of a different odor. It ♥♥♥♥♥ it head Listening, waiting...this odor indicates possible food. At this time you open your bag to grab a bite to eat, unaware of your nights guest. This noise acts as a signal to the spider zombie that food is here! With a long drawn out howl it yells, soon after a Horde appears consisting of 50-60 undead souls, drawn to the noise and the anticipation of a meal like a pack of wolves. The first of them pound on your door, but since they are no stronger then Normal Humans, their efforts are in vain or are they? As more zombies envelope behind the first, the need to feed over comes them, growing into a frenzy, hitting, slashing, clawing those in front returning them to a final rest. A Meat pile appears in place of their fallen ally (Gore Block), allowing those from behind to reach a higher point of attack. The noise and smell of the dead quickly reaches a peak causing you to gag, drawing more undead souls into the area. Your reinforced door is straining, creaking, under the strain of lateral force caused by the ever increasing mass of meat piles and zombies that are leaning against your door and walls. Miraculously it holds true. You quickly run to the top of your base to witness the horror that is going on below. Slowly you start to see hands rising ever higher closer to the edge of the roof. Fear is increasing almost to the point of being hysterical, you take a few breaths (almost gagging from the stench) trying to calm yourself. You pull out your gun firing into the undead crowd in an attempt to slow their advance, while at the same time contributing to the pile of gore. .. your gun runs dry of ammo. Dread slowly creeps upon you as you realize your efforts are slowly becoming in vain. About ready to make a run for it, as it seems like your only option, you notice in the distance the horizon its getting brighter by the minute. The Sun! The glorious Sun is rising. A new hope rises in you, if only you can hold out for a hour or two, you just might make it... In order for this scenario to happen, or one like it, a few things need to be in place. 1) Zombies do not get a bonus to destroy blocks (they can still do it, but only at the same rate a player could, bare handed at full stamina) 2) Gore Blocks need to be added. 3) A Limiter needs to be added - Random Spawn size of what would follow beside the initial horde. 3a) Spider zombie scouts would stay well away from hordes never allowing itself to get killed by its allies. working on it's own AI system. 3b)As long as the Zombie spider scout is alive (so to speak), it will keep on drawing in new spawned hordes at varying sizes like 5-15 at a time every 15-25 seconds. 4) Once the zombie spider scout dies, no further hordes will be drawn/spawned in. 5) Head shots to zombies = true death (obviously) 6) Body appendage shots to zombies (when Mocap and hit boxes are fine tuned) - If arms and legs are destroyed (minus head) = true death 7) Full on Body shots to Zombies - need to have a large amount of damage to equal true death. -Optional- 1) Difficulty level - Needs to adjust Zombie scout frequency/spawn rate of horde size and time in between from initial horde summoning (or Manual adjustment outside of difficulty) 2) Option to turn it off
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