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Looking for the chillest server ever?


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Welcome to Teracopia, the chillest of all servers.


We want you on our server! (But why? We don't even know who you are!) You're on the forums searching for a server to play on, sounds like you care a little bit about where you play. We are looking for players both veteran and novice, good and bad, young and old. If you love this game and the challenge that comes with it then you belong with us!


Our server is PVE - default settings without the risk of other players ruining your day. Our server is up 24/7 - come see how nice the apocalypse can be, come see what its like to survive! If you're the right kind of player, you'll get all the help you need.


If the server does not show up on the master list, manually connect with [iP:] [PORT: 11520]

After you manually connect once, the server should be visible from there on out.

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