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Event/Mission Chain Manager ideas


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WIP... Still kicking it around in my head but thought putting some ideas down was good.




Events happen to the player, Players or game world at some point in the future.

Events can be added, modified or deleted by mission success or failure.

New events can be added based on character stats or special items.


Missions are anything a player can presently do to change events for him, other players and even the future of the current game!


The Event Manager creates events based on: Player level, Player's Reputation to some factions, Day, completed quests and failed quests.


The Current Events file, contains all active events for all players.

Entries in the file are dynamically created and deleted based on various factors.


XML files:


Events - Has all possible events available in the game.


Missions - Has all possible missions available.


Quest POIs - Has all the building used, the general threat level ...tbc




The current quest file includes:

Player name or "All"




Events are not the same as quests, but completing a quest can create an event or event chain. (


Events can cause a quest to be made available. (The 7 day horde "Day 70" could create mission: "Find cause of 7 day hordes."

Which the player can accept or reject.


Stopping for now, got a plane to catch.

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