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Wild Horses / Horse Ride / Racecourse POI / Cowboy Perk


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Hello survivors,


...I would like to Dream a litle bit and suggest somes ideas I have in mind.



First things first:


- We already have dogs, bears, wolfs, deers, boars, snakes, rabbits, chickens and vultures...


...which I appreciate enormously. :yo:



- But what about go a step further and get over it?


Here a sample



So this is my concept idea:


- Mount system to ride Horses.


- Wild Horses to tame or simply hunt for meat as current animals.


- "Cowboy perk" that allow you to mount, to use horse bags for inventory, gallop faster and craft horseshoes.


- Racecourse POI's to loot saddles, horseshoes etc.



...so thats what I have in mind.


THANKS for reading.



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