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Adding Traders to cities


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Im trying to add trader to the random gen cities in the War of the Walkers mod but for some reason it aint working. I managed to do it once in the past in the Vanilla game. i edited the rwgmixer to add traders to the groups and then edited the traders on Prefabs to allow them to spawn there. i dont understand why is it not working. am i forgeting something? The War of the Walkers mod uses the same rwgmixer as that prefab combo mod and i am used to it. I don't think that there is anything different on the mod that wouldn't make this possible


here's a preview of my modifications.



     <prefab_rule name="[color="#FF0000"]asiatownPOIS[/color]">
[color="#FFA500"]	   <prefab rule="traderGroup" min_count="1" max_count="1" prob="100"/>[/color].......

	<prefab_rule name="[color="#FF0000"]residentialOldGroup[/color]">
[color="#FFA500"]	    <prefab rule="traderGroup" min_count="1" max_count="1" prob="100"/>[/color].......

	<prefab_rule name="[color="#FF0000"]residentialNewGroup[/color]">
[color="#FFA500"]            <prefab rule="traderGroup" min_count="1" max_count="1" prob="100"/>[/color].......

	<prefab_rule name="[color="#FF0000"]commercialGroup[/color]">	
[color="#FFA500"]            <prefab rule="traderGroup" min_count="1" max_count="1" prob="100"/>[/color].......

	<prefab_rule name="[color="#FF0000"]downtownGroup[/color]">
[color="#FFA500"]	    <prefab rule="traderGroup" min_count="1" max_count="1" prob="100"/>[/color]......

	<prefab_rule name="[color="#FF0000"]industrialGroup[/color]">
[color="#FFA500"]            <prefab rule="traderGroup" min_count="1" max_count="1" prob="100"/>[/color].........

               		<prefab_rule name="traderGroup">
		<prefab name="settlement_trader_01" [color="#FFA500"]max_count="2"/[/color]>
		<prefab name="settlement_trader_02" [color="#FFA500"]max_count="2"/[/color]>
		<prefab name="settlement_trader_03" [color="#FFA500"]max_count="2"[/color]/>
		<prefab name="settlement_trader_04" [color="#FFA500"]max_count="2"[/color]/>
		<prefab name="settlement_trader_05" [color="#FFA500"]max_count="2"[/color]/>








and all the 5 Trader Prefabs looks like this :


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <property name="CopyAirBlocks" value="True" />
   <property name="AllowTopSoilDecorations" value="False" />
   <property name="Zoning" value="[color="#FF0000"]asiatownPOIS,residentialOldGroup,residentialNewGroup,commercialGroup,downtownGroup,industrialGroup[/color]" />
   <property name="RotationToFaceNorth" value="2" />
   <property name="YOffset" value="-1" />
   <property name="AllowedTownships" value="city,town,rural,wilderness" />
   <property name="TraderArea" value="False" />
   <!--<property name="TraderAreaProtect" value="20,0,20" />
   <property name="TraderAreaTeleportSize" value="36, 20, 36" />
   <property name="TraderAreaTeleportCenter" value="1, 1, 1" />-->
   <property name="ExcludeDistantPOIMesh" value="False" />
   <property name="DistantPOIYOffset" value="0" />




they still arent spawning inside cities and i cant figure out what is wrong :upset: i looked up at Tin's mod (dying lands) scripts as reference and it is extremely similar yet for some reason mine is not working





Pastebin with full rwgmixer code : https://pastebin.com/fvzpuDsT

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few questions before we get started. are you starting a new world everytime you test? or are you loading an already created world?

you have this all under the Asiantownpois, so are you intending to only add traders to asiantowns?

you have it set to add 5 traders to each asiantown, is that what you intended?


from there we should be able to figure out what the issue is.

honestly I never thought of adding traders to towns, but if you said you got it before, then it should be possible.

have you tried making these changes to the new rwgmixer from wotw?

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take away the word group from the zones. I noticed when I made ONE CITY, that the proper names for the zones are as such:


<property name="Zoning" value="Commercial,Downtown,Industrial,ResidentialNew,ResidentialOld"/>




it looks like there is a space in residential new, but there is no spaces in zone types.


I played with settings for hours till I checked the prefab settings

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