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Player List HUD


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I would make a new window, add the information you want as a picture via texture with panel left and then add it to the correct windows group in xui.xml


Is it possible to add in a image via URL i have a solid host for it just don't want players to need to down load a package to view and play on my server

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It is possible to use images stored online. Inside of whatever window you are using in windows.xml do something like this...you'll obviously have to change the size, position, url, etc.


<texture name="Commands" pos="-250,-50" size="100,350" depth="0" material="Materials/Transparent Colored" texture="@http://whateversite/file.png" />

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/Data/Config/XUi/windows.xml is where you make a new window


Then you need to add the window to a group in /Data/Config/xui.xml depending one where you want it to be


Thank you for all the help everyone got it working should be online soon lol.

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Can you share the finished code?


would be nice :fat:



Player Tab Group from xui.xml around line 195 If not edited.

	<window_group name="players">
		<window name="NAMEOFWINDOW" />
		<window name="players" />


New Window In wnidows.xml

<window name="NAMEOFWINDOW" width="250" height="746" panel="Left" cursor_area="false" >
	<texture name="Commands" size="250,740" depth="0" material="Materials/Transparent Colored" texture="@http://YOURIMAGEURL" />


Image size i created is 250x740


Finished Image



Link to dropbox file PSD of the image https://www.dropbox.com/s/ihpfi7xp48cl37a/playerCOMTab.psd?dl=0


Thank You Everyone

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