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Do the blades on blade traps wear out?


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I'm about to build my first ever electrical stuff in game, and want to set up a couple of blade traps that will whack zombies moving past them in a hallway.


My question is do blade traps take damage/wear out, from chopping up zombies?


Can zombies attack the trap (WILL they attack the trap) and destroy it?


If so, do they need to hit the center hub part, or just any piece of it, to damage it?


My thought is to put the trap hub inside a wall, so the blade comes out of a narrow slot to whack passing zeds, leaving the hub out of reach unless you tear through the wall to it.

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Hmm that means I will need to build maintenance access for my traps, so I can replace them. I'll have to see how long they last before failing, then. I'm hoping they'll make it through a horde night without breaking.


Thanks, Guppy!

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Absolutely; I build side access tunnels or of course crawlspaces for them; and it's not so much that the zombies hit them, they just wear down over time.


One suggestion for their use is as a pachinko machine, where the zombies are the balls and the blades the pegs. Because they have no forward momentum when they fall, they'll end up as pieces by the time they hit a few. :)


...also, beware of hiding/encasing your relays in concrete, since acid splash damage can seep THROUGH concrete (not even damaging it) and easily destroy the relays. Never keep relays year the blades, because an unpowered blade is useless.


Last suggestion, since I'm already typing, is place shotgun turrets away from the base, facing TOWARDS the base, and an electrical fence a little closer to the base... basically the z's will of course ignore the turrents, walk past them and keep getting nailed from behind because they're also stunned by the fence. :)

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