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prefab/traderarea coordinate system


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How do these coordinate systems work? Are they x, y, z coordinates?


"TraderAreaProtect" value="20,0,20"

"TraderAreaTeleportSize" value="36, 20, 36"

"TraderAreaTeleportCenter" value="1, 1, 1"


What's the reference point? This one confuses me because if x is only 20 and the trader area is larger than 20, how is it all protected still?


If y is 0, as in the TraderAreaProtect, I assume all blocks from bedrock to sky is protected.

What if I set y to 10, will it only protect the blocks from ground up to the 10th block up? Basically, would I be able to tunnel underneath?


Just trying to understand how all these values work.

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Traderarea protect is actually an area around the boundaries of the traderprefab. so 20, 0, 20 will add 10 blocks to the size of the prefab on x and z boundaries (y is not used). But it will also cut of that size of 10 when it crosses the chunkboundary of the chunk that the traderprefab boundary is on, so that makes it a bit dynamic. So with above values the protected zone will reach as far as 10 blocks away from the borders of the traderprefab, but could be less if that area crosses the chunkboundary of the chunk the traderprefabboundary is on.


Y value is not used so doesnt matter what you put there. It will always be bedrock to heaven.



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