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Blackout = wiped profile


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Me and the family play a local multiplayer game where I'm the host. Yesterday we had a blackout (lost all power to our house temporarily) half way through playing our game. When we started the game again the wife connected to the server but the game lost all her information (created a new game profile for her) we where pretty late game and you could imagine the frustration this has caused. Went digging through the AppData folder to my saves and her SteamID .ttp .map .ttp.bak files where all there (and quiet large files) but we could not get the game to load the information? Has anyone come across this before?



She was so mad I thought I would try to copy my profiles .ttp .map and .ttp.bak files to my desktop, I then renamed those files to her SteamID and moved them back into the AppData folder, To our surprise it duplicated my character as her it included the backpack, toolbelt, map EVERYTHING but now she is independent and the game treats her as a separate character. Could this method with the .map file lead some game modder or TFP themselves to some how create a way of map sharing?


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