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Tool assembly


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Hi there modding community.


I would like to ask how to mod iron/steel tools so that they are assembled like mechanical tools.

Those tools would consist a handle and a toolhead.

Is it hardcoded that tools and weapons must consist from 4 parts?

I tried my idea by copying auger, created part items with placehold icons, and recipes,

but after clicking assembly I got an error.

What else I have to copy and modify? Something other than xml files?


And of cource I would like to know how you guys think about the whole idea. :D

Have anyone else made this kind of mod? I got the idea when playing True Survival mod.

There one must first craft tool head, then the actual tool.


Also, with this assembly, player won't get any exp from finalizing the tool. How to compensate that?

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I will update what I have found. Yes, 4 parts are needed, that's probly the reason I haven't see any mod featuring assembled axes.

It's kind of silly to create this kind of simple tool from 4 parts, when in reality you only need 2.

I was able to create assembled axe, I used auger messfile as a placeholder.

Now I have to dig unity assets to create the actual 3d preview model for the assembly window.

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