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Biomes are corrupted/missing and days is resetting


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Hi! Me and my gf is playing on a server we rented from Nitrado. We love the game and all, but after 30 hours inn, the "Burnt forrest" biome is gone.. there is nothing there, just plain black/burnt forest texture on the ground. We deleted the save and started up again, after about 3 hours inn, the same thing happend, the desert place is just desert ground texture and nothing else.


Problem 2 is that the days are resetting now and then, its easy to fix with settime command, but its still annoying.


What can we do to fix this two issues? Any tips?

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So the problem is the provider? So if i switch to a good provider that cost alot more the problem wil not be there?

Yeah, it is some issue with how they host the servers. About once a month or so someone with Nitrado as a host has this exact same issue and starts a thread. Sometimes they are able to get it resolved, and sometimes they just switch providers.


One thing for sure, you get what you pay for. Cheap hosting is going to be on cheap equipment will poor support. If you have a spare computer with halfway ok specs, there is a good chance you can host your own. The dedi can be run on almost a potato as long as it has some RAM.


The lowest I've run a server on was a Intel Q6600 Core 2 Quad with 8GB RAM and an SSD. (fast hard drive was likely a key component.) I was able to support one 4-slot server on this with moderate server settings. (lots of electricity on a 32-per-wave horde night did lag it a little bit. I blame the 12 turrets we had set up. But it could have been all the special Z's too.) It did get a little laggy during the hordes, and if two people were exploring on the minibike. Overall though it was pretty good.

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