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Cornfield ground spots disappearing


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Difficulty: Adventurer

Zombies run: Default

Agro: Default

Daylight: 18

Drop on death: everything

Drop on Quit: Nothing

Enemy memory: 60

Spawns: high

Block durability: 100

Loot abundance: 100

Air drops: 24 hrs

24 hour cycle: 50mins

Bike icons: On

Cheat mode: off

Map: Navezgane.

Seed name: Nav



I have noticed when I am building a base in the cornfield at random spots when I place a box it's acting as if the ground was not there and the ground block disappears when placing a frame or trap so the block or trap ends up in the ground. I hope that makes sense lol

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Hi Rahl38,


Thank you for reporting this issue, this is a known issue that seems to effect how the POI is generated when the map is created. A HOMICIDAL NUN linked their latest findings above which I have passed onto the team for them to look further into the issue.



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Yeah, it's actually the opposite which is what suprised me. I've done more QA on this and it appears that the sequence I was talking about actually repeats (Just not the same on every row). After about every 10th or 11th corn row it repeats back to the same sequence until the next 10th or 11th corn row. You can test this yourself by destroying between the corn rows. Then destroy the actual corn stalks and place frames in the places it allows but shouldnt. Then use the frames and measure it out. It's random at first but then after the 11th corn row it is the same sequence and spacing as the first one. So corn row 1 will have the same sequence and spacing as row 11. Row 2 will be the same as row 12 . So on and so forth

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