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  1. As a 7DTD player who has only ever played on the PS4 Console, I purchased a copy for my PC. Unfortunately it runs like garbage. My system is on the older side, so I'm not quite sure which way to go. I run a... Dell Inspiron Intel i5 - 2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz Memory 16GB 64 Bit operating system The only think I do not run is a dedicated graphics card. Would a graphics card solve my issue. The game looks like ♥♥♥♥ due to the lowest setting possible and when I just touch the mouse, I either end up looking straight up or down. ( yes, I turned the sensitivity completely down ). Any suggestions for a graphics card that won't totally break the bank or should I just buy a gaming tower if I'm going to spend some money. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Love the game, just wish I could get into the PC content, looks like a blast...
  2. I've only ever played 7DTD on console... I'd like to try the PC version but... My PC is like me, on the older side It's an Intel i5 16 GB of RAM 64-bit operating system When I go into 7DTD even at the lowest settings and the mouse sensitivity turned off, it still runs like garbage... When I barely move the mouse, it seems to move 100 times faster on the screen and I end up looking straight up or at the ground... There is no graphics card, just the Intel stuff from the computer... Will a graphics card alone fix this or is it just time to buy a new gaming tower? If it is just a graphics card, any suggestions without having to break the bank? I've looked at a couple and for those prices, a new tower seems like a cheaper option but I literally am at a loss... I enjoy the game but would enjoy the PC content better... Ty and enjoy the holidays....
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