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Unable to play...at all.


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So recently I bought 7 Days to Die on steam sale to play it with my friends. But the game just does not want to work. Each time I connect to a server if I am able to even log on to it its a miracle but when I log in I can move for few meters after wich I will fall trough the ground. I tried killing my character I tried deleting it (multiple times) I have reinstaled the game 4 times,I have verfyed the data 5 times I have even instaled it on another disc. I tried deleting local saves,deleting server save from my player,changing save game location nothing wants to work. I tried every fix I was able to find it just refuses to work. And I cant play on any server. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Becuse unfortantly I cant request a refound due to passing 2 hour mark just trying to fix it. Thank you.

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we testing it on my own server, he didnt receive the right serverconfig...


same server, his log (as player):



my log (as player):





i think something like antivir is blocking.

That is pretty common. I cover this in the sticky FAQ.


- - - Updated - - -


Also, I don't see any issues in the logs. "WRN Missing cleanup for XML: sounds" is normal for the moment.

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