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Farming Auto-Seed


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Sick of reseeding all your plants after you harvested them?

No need anymore.


This mod allows the following plants to be harvested and automatically replanted.

Aloe, Blueberry, Yucca, Coffee, Corn, Cotton, Goldenrod, Hop, Chrysanthemum, Potato, and Mushroom.









There are 11 new recipes to make the blocks.


Each recipe requires the following.

8 dirtFragments, 1 fertilizer and seed of your choice.


You can get the code here.

You will need to change all block ID's to your own.

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Tried this mod, with less then desired outcomes. Recipes does not show up in a players ability to craft (atleast for brand new character.) When given to character it gives an item that when placed spawns rubble, which makes sense given what little I understand of the code, but then it spawns fertilized dirt on top of it after a time rather then turning into it. Plants then spawn on said dirt, but after 7 In-game days run by using debug mode to run at max speed as i didn't wish to watch it for several real hours, the crops did not mature.


Is this code still viable? Am I somehow using it wrong? Or is this the less then ideal way this is suppose to work?

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. With this thread and infos from a couple of other threads I was able to easily have all regular farmed plants replant themselves when you punch them (does not work when clicking "E" to harvest them).


You simply need to add this line to all "harvest" versions of the plants in blocks.xml:


<property name="DowngradeBlock" value="plantedPotato1" />


Obviously the value field needs to be changed for each type of plant.


You can also increase the harvest value for each plant so that it matches what you would get when clicking "E".


For example with potatoes:


<block id="261" name="plantedPotato3Harvest">
<property name="Extends" value="cropsHarvestableMaster"/>
<property name="Shape" value="ModelEntity"/>
<property name="Model" value="Entities/Plants/potato_plant_harvestPrefab"/>
[color="#0000FF"][b]<property name="DowngradeBlock" value="plantedPotato1" />[/b][/color]
<property name="Collide" value="melee"/>
<drop event="Harvest" name="potato" [color="#0000FF"][b]count="2"[/b][/color]/>

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