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I would love to see a bigger variety of trees and flowers! I would love to be able to obtain birch or connifer seeds after cutting those trees down :(


Oh, also a bigger variety of meals to be made.....specifically...I really want to be able to make burgers haha


Thank you!


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Absolutely! Since I started playing this game, it seems every time I’m in a forest in real life I can’t help but draw comparisons and judge how forest-y the game really looks. Fallen trees are a big missing component, as are leafy plants at a more variable range of heights.


The game developer in me can see why they stick to upright trees, though. You can roll a random number generator to give you coordinates, and place a standing tree at those coordinates in the wilderness without worrying about how high it reaches. But place a log on its side, and now you’ve got to worry about it clipping into something many voxels away, sticking out oddly from sloped terrain, zombies not knowing how to path around it, etc.

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