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Architectural Block Request: Arch Corners and Convex Arches


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*originally posted in the console section because I'm dumb...


I love building with arches, but there are two big drawbacks:

  1. No arch corners
  2. No convex arches


While I'm sure these sorts of things are not a priority, I'd like to request the addition of blocks to cover these two issues.


Arch Corners: When I build walls or a column with arches coming out at the top, I'd like to be able to fill in the spaces between kitty-corner arch blocks. Here are two examples I found on Imgur:

Column: http://i.imgur.com/2YobkpP.jpg

Wall Corner: http://i.imgur.com/pxRPl2U.jpg

It'd also be nice to have these kinds of shapes for curved glass blocks.


Convex Arches: It'd just be nice to be able to do convex arches. This is less important, but would be a good complement to the existing arch blocks..

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