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Please please help - deleted game on PS4, can I recover?


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I dropped my controller on the continue game screen and it literally hit the square and then X button in succession and my game was instantly gone. I was over level 50, day 49, 0 deaths and over 50 hours into the game and loving it. Please help me recover the data if at all humanly possible, it was an online server as well. I put so much work into my base and surviving without any deaths for that long. Please help!!!


Game name was New Eden. PS profile is the same as my username here. I'm heartbroken about it, for real.


P.S. I see the tutorials for corrupted data but not deleted. The online storage is also gone because I accidentally overwrote it creating another game of the same name trying to fix this. Helllpppp... :(

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Not good news


Hi there,


Unless there's some magical or rare chance of iron galaxy actually caching old saves in some backup somewhere, you are almost certainly out of luck.


As far as the part of your hard drive where the save was written is concerned, its likely already been written over by any ps4 data (such as other updates, or other game saves, etc).


But even assuming it wasn't, the only way you're likely to recover it, is to remove the hard drive, and connect to a pc, scanning the sectors through a hex editor (risky if you dont know what youre doing). You could change the deleted flag from there. But sadly this is likely not an option as im almost certain such data will be encrypted by sony, so the drive might not even be readable.


And even if it were, changing ANY data on the drive could render it useless when you put it back in the ps4.


So sorry, but I dont see any way to remedy this unless that miracle backup exists - and ive certainly not heard of it yet, so best to assume it doesnt exist.


For the future, I recommend using a usb stick or memory card to backup important game saves periodically. I learned that lesson on the ps1 after memory card hiccups.

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Hi Skaithe_Zero,


I'm sorry to hear your game was deleted. Because each save is maintained on the console that created it and not online, there is no way we can access player save files to edit or restore them :(



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