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PS4 vs. 1.14 New Lights cause crash


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Game Type: Single

Map Type: Naves

Seed/Save Name: rick

Disk or Digital: Digital

DLC: survival SP

Character: Luke

Difficulty: Adventurer

Run: Default

Aggression: Normal

Day length: 18

Drop On Death: Pack

Enemy memory: 30

Enemy Spawning: Medium

Block durability: 100

Loot respawn time:5

Loot abundance: 200

Airdrops: 0

24 hour cycle: 60

In-game Day:0208


I have played with the new lighting and found over 50 lights (worldwide not one room,) cause constant blue screen crashes. I have went through destroying all lighting above 50 and this has stopped. You can add above 50 without crashing, but every one placed after, brings you closer to a crash. If you place them in one room, that percentage jumps exponentially.

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Hi Clare, all the new clickable lights. mainly ceiling light , ceiling light 2, and street light. I have used them all though. Yes I mean the whole map, not just one room. Although after 50 lights, the one your installing more lights will crash the game. No lag, just blue screen crash. Multiple video clips have been sent to Sony. Sorry it took so long to reply, but I could not get your puzzel to show on my phone. Mobile or desktop.

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Hi Dptdawg,


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


A high concentration of lights in an area are known to cause lag and sometimes crashes in the game. This can happen with torches, candles, and other light sources in the game. Even if you spread them over a large tower build or light up a town with them, this would still be a lot in one area that the game is trying to keep track of.


Can you clarify for me if you're placing the lights in roughly around the same area of the map, or if you're placing them in random spots or over the opposite side of the map too? It can take some time for crash clips to filter through to us. If you have a clip yourself, would you mind sharing it?



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ive been having issues with crashing lately too i love the lights and am really hoping i dont have to go back to the torches :(


an example of the amount of lights i have in a concentrated area. im also on ps4




the bulk of my lights are about 100 blocks away or so underground but were spaced like the attachment. i wrenched about 30 lights and replaced them with torches. no more crashing. the lights are a cool addition but due to the low amount of light radius they shine, you have to place a bunch to light up an average sized "base"

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Hi ebman,


I'm glad you were able to reduce your lag and I understand that the torches would not have the same feel to them as those lights. From your screen shot it looks like when stairs or doors, the lights are only about 3 or so blocks appart would this be correct? and facing other lights on the same side? I think this would be to close. Similar close proximity lights in the Factory or Power plant POI are known to cause lag too.



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actually i ended up leaving the hall lights the same. just removed a bunch from underground tunnel and storage room. if they could adjust the light radius each light puts out ( just for console due to limitations) people wouldnt need to place as many lights in order to achieve the desired amount of light in order to see well. not sure if thats possible, just an idea

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Lights causing blue screen


I’ve played over 80 hours on single player RandomGen, and the moment I started adding ceiling light 2 (switch) to my base, I crash every ten minutes or less. I have a 31X31 block base, with one level I’ve added lights to, each light has 2 block spaces between, through about half of the floor. If lights are causing such problems, is the only solution really to just not use them? That would really suck, since I like the look of it all.

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Hi Djinn,


There is an issue in the game that too many lights in one scene can cause crashes. The workaround is to limit the number or space out your light as much as possible to allow for smoother frame rate and reduce crashing.




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