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  1. that worked, thank you sir! now to find out the advanced forge issue which is separate from your work
  2. having an odd issue. i updated mod launcher yesterday. i do have a mod installed. in this case its darkness falls. when i go to play it says mod not installed. i click "ok" . it will then automatically check mark the experimental features box on its own and then it launches the game like normal. then inside the game everything works normally except for the advanced forge somehow now instantly makes whatever i need to make. (all other work stations function as normal) im thinking there may be an issue with the mod as well as the mod launcher? where should i start? i do not want to lose my world or char progress. i have added a few screen shots of things. the 1st is my normal settings in the launcher. 2nd is what happens when i try to sync the game. 3rd is all the messages once the game actually launches. ( notice how experimental just randomly automatically selects itself now. it never did that before.
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