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Multiplayer and ISP changes


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I think IPV6 is only available if your ISP offers it, also I think it depends on where you are, I know in the UK that most don't offer it yet. In my very limited knowledge I believe it's something to do with ip addresses, there's probably a lot more to it than that but that's about all I picked up last time I looked into it lol

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I use the only company offered in my county, the state i live in is weird af. Anyways the ISP is called "Armstrong." (also known as ZOOM) I have hit or misses on multi-player depending on the day. I have a Tech coming out today to look at my modem, and perhaps bring me a new one cause I have been having random drops. Will update to say whether or not a new modem from this company helps on multi-player or not.




Company: Armstrong (Zoom Internet)

And yes my NAT type is always open,

and after running a speed test i'm averaging about

53 mb/ps downloadspeed

2 mb/ps upload

24ms ping


Well the new modem doesnt help much. Still getting disconnected every so often. Dont know what else to blame on my side of the fence.

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