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  1. Currently looking for friends who care to help with the builder challenge they do monthly on the forums. Xbox gamertag J2dank message and add
  2. Well the new modem doesnt help much. Still getting disconnected every so often. Dont know what else to blame on my side of the fence.
  3. I use the only company offered in my county, the state i live in is weird af. Anyways the ISP is called "Armstrong." (also known as ZOOM) I have hit or misses on multi-player depending on the day. I have a Tech coming out today to look at my modem, and perhaps bring me a new one cause I have been having random drops. Will update to say whether or not a new modem from this company helps on multi-player or not. ====EDIT==== Company: Armstrong (Zoom Internet) And yes my NAT type is always open, and after running a speed test i'm averaging about 53 mb/ps downloadspeed 2 mb/ps upload 24ms ping
  4. Gas barrels and cars Was messing around in creative mode one night just to waste some time. Decided to add some vehicles to a gas station, trying to make it look like everyone needed gas before they died. Continued messing around and spawned in a few gas barrels around the gas station, making it seem like a delivery was made when the end happened. While doing this forgot i had turned zombie spawn to max. All it took was one miss fired arrow to blow it all up including myself. Note to self, never stand on a car surrounded by gas barrels. In the end its not that funny of a story, but one of the deaths i wish i never suffered.
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