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Dedicated Server not Launching


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Hi, I have been creating dedicated servers over the years off and on. I have never ran into this issue. If I launch the dedicated server either through steam or the bat file the first window with press any key to continue pops up but 7 days doesn't load after. If I uninstall and reinstall the first time it loads and launched through steam I will get the Green Text server but once I shut that down I can't get it to start up again. 


Has something changed in A21.2?

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Thanks for the reply. Well 2 hours of fiddling I got it to launch. All I really did was keep reinstalling it. 


But now I can see it list on Steam Servers but can't join the server.


2 messages I get"

Could not retrieve server




Could not retrieve server ID 


I have port 26900 opened on both TCP and UDP.


Would the log file still help?

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