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Bug/Typo in Easy Anti Cheat's Settings.json


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I was poking around and saw a typo in ./7 Days To Die/EasyAntiCheat/Settings.json - there's a comma inside the quotations. Look at the value for "wait_for_game_process_exit".


The value is "false," instead of "false",



./7 Days To Die/EasyAntiCheat/Settings.json

	"title": "7 Days to Die",
	"executable": "7DaysToDie.exe",
	"productid": "85fffb61212b491999cd7fc03eb09bf6",
	"sandboxid": "8a44365d5ccb43328b4df2f8ca199e43",
	"deploymentid": "c9ccbd00333f4dd6995beb7c75000942",
	"requested_splash": "EasyAntiCheat/SplashScreen.png",
	"wait_for_game_process_exit": "false,"
	"hide_bootstrapper": "false",
	"hide_gui": "false"
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