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stuck at creating player


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Hi guys so when i connect to a server maps gettin downloaded then when it comes that i join the game i hear a sound then i remain in creating player screen cant move pass that it doesnt matter if it is modded or clasic but i can make solo game there is no problem whit that ..if someone got a ideea pls share it this game is to boring to play alone .

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14 minutes ago, Insane said:

sorry i had try to put a link but i had not succed : the logs are here https://docdro.id/1yqrO5F thx for tryng to help!

Bad drone data.  This was fixed in 21.2, but either you had the issue before updating, or the fix is broken in DF.


With the client closed... Go into your save and delete the two Drones files. 

Then when you are back inside the client afterwards, open the console and use the command "jd clear".

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So i did that ,now i can enter the game but still dont hear my steps cant E stuff and i fall after 1-2 min under the map https://docdro.id/D9EhWo4  here are the logs ,its a clean instal no more mods and i had delete everything profile saves before i had join.this happens only when i join a online game,solo works everything fine clasic and modded.

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