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The future of modding 7DTD

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I have a future request, before the end of the Dev cycle, and the game is completed.

Please, if possible;
1 Reincorporate: the Sarek.png to allow for the import of default grayscale maps,
that the game can use to generate custom terrain. This was a scripted part of Rwgmixer.xml.

It was versatile enough to allow for user generated terrain to assimilate with the default
lot\city layout\configuration. Also during its period of use a player could do an overlay from
the splat map allowing for roads to match terrain.


If you changed the splat layout for streets, in a pregenerated world folder, and had a terrain
altitude change it would automatically contour a smooth altitude transition, for streets roads and paths.

        <terrain_generator name="vanilla2" base_height="32" water_level="38">
            <module name="HM" type="NoiseFromImage">
                <property name="metersPerPixel" value="15.14"/>
                <property name="imageFile" value="sarek.png"/>
            <module name="BIAS" type="BiasOutput">
                <property name="sourceModule" value="HM"/>
                <property name="bias" value="-30"/>
            <output module="BIAS"/>

        namespace WorldGenerationEngine.Input
    public class NoiseFromImage : IModule
        public string ImageFile
                this.imageFile = value;
                this.heightData = Utils.ConvertDTMToHeightData(Utils.LoadTexture(Utils.GetGameDir("Data/Heightmaps") + "/" + this.imageFile), false);
                Utils.SmoothTerrain(1, this.heightData);


2 Write a script that allows for texture2darrays to be exported to and imported from sprite sheets,
to be used in game. Prior, the spritesheet was the medium. This would allow for custom\modded layouts
and visualizations long after the main goal is completed. The move to 2darrays was for performance, but a 2d array
is formed from a spritesheet, or a folder of images. The only thing missing is a script for modders to use.


3 This ties into the first request. Please include in XML.txt. Instructions to initiate //     public const int cMaxBiomes = 50;
Presently it does not seem to work, beyond the vanilla default biomes.

This would allow for the accurate re initialization of altitude controlled biomes, regarding weather.


4 Change back to the original .raw accepted format. Or allow for the original format to be used again.
The new one is more of an obfuscated lateral image.


This will allow for extended modding after TFP has finished and released the game. I understand that unity has adjusted
over the dev cycle, and TFP has adjusted accordingly, but if the cycle ends then the specifics above can be reintroduced.

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