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help fixing my mod plz

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Doesn't quite work that way. You have 2 options usually, either remove the vanilla recipe and append your new one with it set how you want, or to use xpath to edit certain bits of the vanilla recipe. The second option is almost always the better choice, but can be a little more work. Either way, use this to replace what you have there, but do leave the config bits at the top and bottom. This xpath is a tad more complicated due to the fact there is more than one recipe for gunpowder, but since you seem to want to change the chemistry station one, that's what I did.


<set xpath="/recipes/recipe[contains(@name, 'resourceGunPowder') and (contains(@craft_area, 'chemistryStation'))]/@count">8000</set>


I would recommend sphereii's thread on Xpath over in the Tutorials section to try and learn some of the basics as well.

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