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(A21) ZombieINC Apocalyptic Jobs


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The Modlet Adds 19 quests for the trader in total. They are distributed in 2 categories: Defense and Hunt.

Hunt: Go to the location and kill the boss (10 bosses were created in total).

Defense: Defend a certain location (the basics mechanics change over the tiers). - Reworked


This mod was created to be Server-side only, that means only the host needs to have the mod installed. It can be added in a ongoing game.

The modlet also has some simple lore for each mission, to make thing more immersive (there are some jokes too!)

The first bosses are simpler than tier 3 - 6 bosses

All missions should appear on Traders

  1. Tier 1 : 3 New Missions (2 Bosses - 1 Defense )
  2. Tier 2 : 3 New Missions (2 Bosses - 1 Defense )
  3. Tier 3 : 3 New Missions (2 Bosses - 1 Defense )
  4. Tier 4 : 3 New Missions (2 Bosses - 1 Defense )
  5. Tier 5 : 3 New Missions (2 Bosses - 1 Defense )
  6. Tier 6 : 4 New Missions (3 Bosses - 1 Defense )


There is two option for Large Servers : The only thing different is that the original Defense Tier 5 and 6 changes temporarily global weather and time. This can be very incovenient for large server, so use one of the option below to replace the missions. 

Option 1 : Trader will be open 24/7 and never closes. This is need for Defense Tier 5 and 6

Option 2 : Trader will remain the same (same as vanilla). The missions will be different from it should be, but will have the same difficult as the normal one.

Remember, the Tweak will be needed to be loaded after the main mod (Main mod is needed)

Pay attention to the CHAT in game. Some instruction about how to proceed the quests are given there.

Everything was made with a lot of care by my person. It took me 3 weeks on full time to make everything (All my vacation was spend in my little project).

Expect some bugs. Balacing is also needed. Your feedback is needed so i can improve the mod.

Known bugs: 1- Bosses Projectiles have sync problems. (Maybe be game problems, i didn't find any solution)

Report bugs or suggestions on my discord : https://discord.gg/cfgj8u4Aa3  

Download link : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mrQH-Qtt3aLT2ZkU5cUlcDS4utFVjpBa?usp=drive_link

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