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(A21) I Squeam For I.V. Scream


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The title is a touch odd, but it's simply a play on 'I scream for ice-cream', and the explanation should clarify the choice. ^^


This mod is simply a 'Screamer Beacon' which uses the new I.V. Stand for A21 to attract a Screamer and her Minions.
This type of mod has been around ever since the 'heat' system became a thing, and this just fills that gap in a new way.

It can be downloaded here:


It is a simple to use mod and is 'Server Side Only' since all of the assets are already contained within the game. As such, it doesn't need to be installed by clients joining the server.


Here are a few images to show how it works:


The Screamer I.V. Stand can be unlocked at Level 50 under Workstations. This is the same stage as the Chemistry Station. It cannot be looted or found at the Traders.



The description explains how it is placed on a surface and will attract Screamers. The more that are placed, the more can be expected to visit.



Crafting requirements. With a Level 50 unlock, it is designed for mid/latter stage game play.



Place on a surface.



Pick up when no longer required.



Should it be damaged, it needs to be repaired before picking up.



This just requires a little polymer.












A fun little mod for:

- Wasting some ammo with target practice

- Testing a Horde Night base ahead of time

- Adding some variety to gameplay

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