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New Mission Type ideas


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Some ideas for some new mission types.


1) Defense. Hold off waves of zombies attacking a quest object, such as a noisy generator, fuel pump, or what have you. After all waves are completed the big loot goodie area opens.

2) Demolition. Zombies are infesting a location and you must demolish it to reduce the threat. Demo charges have been left near the POI you must grab, plant, then loot the goodie area and escape before you are caught in the collapsing building and crushed beneath tons of concrete and steel.

3) Reinforce. A daytime repair generator mission; you go to a POI and must repair a number of defenses (Broken barricades, traps, turrets, and other such things) using supplies found on-site, while clearing zombies to make it safe for survivors to move into. 

4) Distract. The traders want to make a supply run safer by luring Zombies into a trap. You're sent to a large open POI where you perform tasks to lure zombies into a kill box where traps and defenses will thin them out. I'm thinking a big blender-style trap pit in the middle of the drive-in POI where you turn on lights, speakers, and the projector and each stage lures in a group of zombies to the kill box (And some may break away from the group to attack the player).

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