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Game difficulty realism and immersion


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I think the game needs to be more difficult, such as the mechanics of you becoming a zombie if you die infected, or if the infection reaches an advanced stage, rework the healing system in the game such as project zomboid (being impossible you heal yourself, only with time and the character's own regenerative capacity, having to put a bandage to stop bleeding from scratches and bites with a high chance of being infected if you are hit by a zombie), remove the central crosshair and completely rework the aiming system with all weapons, I also think we can add a healing system in case of pvp combat, such as removing bullet from the body and sewing the wound.


maybe adding the mechanic of training all skills by playing instead of distributing points, and also being able to speed up training by reading books would be good.
I also think the inventory system should be reworked to be more tarkov style, like a pistol occupying 2 inventory slots and a small smg 4 spaces, also adding new features like dump truck to transport resources and Wheelbarrow for the first players, mechanics like reloading the weapon by putting ammo in the magazines would also be interesting.
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