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Couple of questions on Server Setup


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I have started playing online on a server from HostHavoc and have couple of questions.
In the set up it has Dynamic Mesh Enabled , along with dynamic mesh Land claim buffer and Max item cache all under the Dynamic Mesh. This server I had runing on Empyrion for couple of years and have just had it changed over to 7DTD. So not sure what all the Dynamic Mesh does?  Should I keep it on or off?

Want to get use to the server before A21 comes out. I have found playing on a 24 hour server is different than just playing solo on home maching.

Thanks for any info

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Dynamic Mesh dynamically creates images of places from afar. For example it makes it so you would see your base from the distance for example.

But it uses quite some procession power at the moment. Leave it on and try it out. If you have FPS problems, turn it off and see if it helps.


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