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MP suggestion: Enable admin to set spawn point for all new players


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Suggestion for multiplayer games: Enable the admin to set a fixed spawn point for all NEW players who join a game (i.e., configurable setting in serverconfig.xml). Existing players who have previously logged in would respawn at their last location as they do today. As a plus, it would be nice to enable multiple fixed spawn locations on a MP server, that way an admin can ensure not all players spawn at only a single fixed spawn point, but enable them to spawn in one of (x) spawn locations (as defined by the admin in the serverconfig.xml file). The reasoning behind this: I'd like to have an admin-protected starting area where players will spawn and get their start. Ideas we've had include having a trading post there, and that central spawn point would also serve as a point of reference location for players in large random generation worlds. Cheers SunGod
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