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    I am A windows and linux user. I work lots away from home, so If you don't see me for awhile that means I'm out in the field. The time I do get off, I may pop in the irc, and browse through the forums.
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    I enjoy work, troubleshooting, writing reports, construction, fixing, breaking, coding, learning,etc

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  1. I am looking forward to the Alpha 2.0 release. I understand it to be a clean build and don't mind the wait. I would like to second the motion by Dreadlow that as far as Alpha's go, this one has alot about it thats pretty clean. It would be kinda cool to see a project report showing how far away everything is... and the goals that need to be met. Although... it's kinda neat to be surprised. Anyhow, good job on the project thus far.
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