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    I am A windows and linux user. I work lots away from home, so If you don't see me for awhile that means I'm out in the field. The time I do get off, I may pop in the irc, and browse through the forums.
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    I enjoy work, troubleshooting, writing reports, construction, fixing, breaking, coding, learning,etc

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  1. I use both linux (Ubuntu 18.04) & windows 10. I am not a streamer, but I did a lot of testing with twitch integration. You don't need to stream, but if you are logged into twitch before hand, it will help speed up the process. I have never been live personally, other than as an extra on stream, or in discord. I did most of my twitch integration offline. There's two main conflicts I can see happening, one is something that can be easily addressed, the latter not so much. If you login to twitch before your session, the authentication should just be a button click, without needing to login. There is a timeout on the login. If you take too long to login, it will fail. There's something else that we noticed. Sometimes twitch can get finicky. You could login one day with no fails at all, and then the next day have to re attempt 3 or 4 times. There might be something else happening with your network.
  2. That's perfect! We fixed the one that you are referring to We got that in experimental, and I was the viewer that found it We found that when a person was in a party, and their party member was invalid (in a cooldown state) the actions could be executed during cooldown and subtract from the player total I'm glad to here you are enjoying it, and if you need any help modifying the xml's let me know.
  3. Hi Hotpoon, thanks for the feedback! I would like to add to Unholyjoe's comment 1. We found the first spoil is always the worst... You are able to modify the cost in the "twitch.xml" to change the price to you liking thought, and can even use the "special only" option to use only special points. 2. I think what you are describing is a bug, and I would like more information to reproduce. Just to clarify what unholyjoe was referring to, There are cases when the commands execute and cancel other commands, which do subtract points. *Example; "viewer cheebsco: #no_melee" "viewer cheebotsco: #boost_melee". This is an example of a good command being canceled by a bad command. Both commands will cost points and is intended. *Sometimes a spawn appears as the player is running away and doesn't notice, and continues running. While there is a slight refund, this is also supposed to cost the viewer. *If the player is killed, any spawns targeting the player will also despawn, and no refunds will be issued. This is intended as well. However, I think you are talking about someone spawning a crate, and another right after, paying for two crates, and only one crate spawns, because of an action cooldown. This IS a bug, and points are not supposed to be consumed if a command is already on cooldown. I need more information to reproduce the point consumption while on action cooldown. I couldn't reproduce locally, so if you noticed a specific command or circumstance that caused it, I would gladly look into it to get a fix out as soon as possible. If you have a link to a VOD, outputlog from the game, or any additional information it is appreciated. 3. If you are only taking a break mid stream, there is a "Pause" button on the Twitch Status Display that Pauses all incoming integration commands and cooldown timers. The Gear Cog disable feature is an, "On-The-Fly" solution to temporarily disable the command mid stream. A more permanent solution is to open "twitch.xml" and comment out the command. 4. Unholyjoe is absolutely correct, "twitch.xml" & "gameevents.xml" are new xml files that are fully modifiable and have been commented in for ease of use for Twitch Integration. You are able to change costs, cooldowns, and even add custom commands if you are savvy for the task.
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