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Respawn resource boulders?


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Is there a command to respawn resource boulders in vanilla or a map viewer that shows where they were.
Had a newbie join a long running existing server who didn't know you could mine, and basically in a day harvested pretty much every boulder on the map so finding resources is a pain.

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You could remove files in the directory Region from your savegame (while the server is down naturally). This simply resets a complete region to its original state, including resource nodes, but also anything built or looted.


The problem is you have to find out which region files you can remove and which have bases on them. That is why I said remove instead of delete since you can move back a region file that you removed in error.


The region files have numbers in their names corresponding to their location. Somewhere there is a thread that explains how that works: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/19010-guide-how-to-reset-regions-parts-of-the-map/


I think the description may be slightly wrong or not easy to grok at least but it helps to find the correct files.



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