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7 Days to Die Console

Nasty Canasta72

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I bought 7 days to die for the xbox one. I heard that after the game goes gold on pc that work would begin on the console version. From what I heard it would be for the newer consoles not the ps4 or xbox one. If I got the new xbox console would I have to buy the game again? Or is there something in the works that would allow people who bought the game for console not to have to shell out more money for a game they already bought. Thank you for your time. I have the game for pc as well. Love the game.

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The old 7D2D game was published as a finished game by Telltale. Probably nobody knows what they would have done if they didn't went bankrupt. They could have stopped making patches after the two planned ones, or added more patches, or sold a newer port as addon or a completely new game. 


This is now speculation from me as the new publisher has not said anything about his plans yet:


The new port will be done by this new entity with no connections to Telltale and he never got any money from the old console game. As he needs to get money for his efforts as well he can't give out his game to a large percentage of the potential market for free. This is just logical from a business standpoint. He can not take the responsibility for the mistakes and failures of Telltale. If he had to he surely would not have taken over the task of publishing 7D2D for console.


What is possible is that the new publisher might give a special deal for people having the old console game. I don't know if he will do that, but it makes sense, even from a business standpoint. But it would also need the help of the console stores to easily find out if someone has bought the old version (probably not a problem though)


When you have a game on old xbox and you want to play a version on a new generation xbox that has improved graphics and gameplay, like a remake or directors cut, do you have to buy it and pay again? Even if the publisher doesn't change? If the answer is yes, you definitely should not expect the new much advanced console version to be free in any case.



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